Providence Lifestyle Resorts are proudly reshaping and raising the bar on Perth’s approach to lifestyle living for over 50s.

Our masterplanned architecturally designed Resorts feature high-end amenities and modern spaces that deliberately pave the way for the creation of connected, active communities and greater wellbeing among residents.

“Our secure Resorts are a welcome new choice in the market for younger downsizers and are designed to be small to midsized communities that are ‘best in class’,” explains Providence Operations Director John Green.

“From our well-appointed contemporary homes with large alfresco areas and beautiful landscaping to our high-end Clubhouses, Lake Houses, indoor swimming pools, gyms, community gardens, workshops, hobby and games rooms, caravan and boat storage facilities, bar and café spaces, and the like, we’re setting an enviable new standard in resort-style community living in Perth, which is very rewarding.”

The master plan approach allows for Resort streetscapes to be more visually appealing.

“Our Resorts are pre-designed, and homes constructed in groups of 30, so there are no surprises with how a street will look; each residence is ideal for the lot it’s on, and chosen to complement neighbouring homes and maximise privacy,” says John.

There are also no entry or exit fees and no stamp duty on our turnkey home packages.

“We’ve also got our eyes firmly on the future with infrastructure built into our Resorts to reduce energy and data costs, as we know how important affordability and sustainability is,” John states.

“Every aspect of our communities has been carefully thought out so our residents can live an active, connected lifestyle that allows them to make the most of their well-earned freedom.”

Information in this article is true and correct as of 1 December 2023.