From the Desk of Mark Jewell.

Well, 2022 is certainly up and running, despite this disruptive new world we are now living in.
Our February seminar proved to be another great success and all in attendance enjoyed a very informative question and answer segment. Pleasingly, ten more homes were snapped up by people not wanting to miss out as our Providence Lifestyle Villages are rapidly filling up.

Fifty-two homes have already been taken at Mandurah and there are now only thirty-four left to choose from. Likewise, Haynes is also filling up nicely, so make sure you get in quick, choose your home and lock in the rent at todays price, as rises are inevitable with these unavoidable delays and supply shortages causing increased costs across the board.

If you are still yet to attend a Seminar, make sure you don’t miss out with our next event being held on the 30th April. Spots fill fast, so make sure you register your attendance here:

Our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and we are looking forward to seeing you on the night.

And, as always, if you would prefer to chat with me at your home or a local coffee shop rather that attend one of our seminars, I am more than happy to make a time to meet with you and discuss any queries you have.
Lastly, to all of you that have already secured your home, thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these unavoidable delays.

But stayed tuned, I have some exciting news coming your way shortly!

Project Update

By John Green

If you’ve been following our project updates, no doubt you’ll be aware of the high number of approvals and clearances we need to receive to be able to start work on site (see Feb Newsletter). I’m pleased to say that we are making good progress with our clearances and expect to be on site at Mandurah in the next month or so to start the preliminary works. Safe to say it has taken a lot longer than expected to get on site and we do appreciate your patience. We are still committed to having the Village completed by the end of June next year, and despite these initial delays, we are working hard to meet that timeframe.

Similarly, we are still working through the approvals and clearances at Haynes. We recently completed the demolition of the old house that was on site that will clear the way for us to start the main bulk earthworks once the necessary approvals are achieved. Recently, we had a slight hiccup when a storm came through and destroyed our new site signage and we now need to rebuild the framework before we can reskin it.

We are looking forward to getting underway with both projects, and the entire team are working very hard in the background to make it all happen as seamlessly as possible.

Operations Update

By John Green

Thanks again to everyone who have paid deposits to secure their chosen home. Although it’s been a much longer wait than anyone anticipated, we believe it will be worth it as we continue to see and hear the wonderful comments and testimonials about village life in the existing communities that we’re involved in.

As you may know, our thorough approvals process does take a little time, and it does include a visit to your home to answer any questions you may have. The reasoning for this is that it’s important you feel comfortable with the Village and everything that we offer, prior to entering into a long-term lease.

As we’ve continued to grow our business, we’re always learning more and one thing we’ve recently introduced is a variation to the length of lease. Typically, they are 10 years with a 5 plus 4 year option (totalling up to 19 years). However, to provide our clients with more alternatives, we’ve decided to offer different lease periods to now include periods of 3, 5, 8, 9 and 10 years, still with option to extend. Our focus is on people who see a long-term future in our Villages and feel this range of lease terms provides our prospective residents the security they are looking for.

As always, Mark is always happy to help, so please make sure you touch base if you have any questions or concerns.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 4 April 2022.