All Providence Resorts will benefit from our innovation at Piara Waters.

Providence Piara Waters was always going to be a gamechanger. Our intention was to create a flagship Resort – one which would set a new benchmark for lifestyle living in WA, as well as provide an enhanced blueprint for our many Providence communities going forward.

With such a bold goal, it wasn’t going to be plain sailing all the way! Creating something new or innovative is never easy and, with WA recently experiencing such a short supply of labour and trades, bringing the vision for Piara Waters to fruition has thrown up some challenges.

The good news is that one of our key obstacles – also known as our revolutionary Providence Technology Communications Solution (TCS) – has now been overcome, paving the way for a better future for all our Resorts. You can read about the TCS package in more detail in the separate brochure on our website (in the information section) but, in essence, it allows Providence homeowners to enjoy a business grade supply of internet data while paying only a residential rate.

Our plan was to have our TCS package ready by the time the Resort’s first homeowners were settling in. To achieve this, we needed to invest in significant infrastructure during the civil development works, engage with our home builders to pre-wire our homes, and partner with four different organisations to install the necessary switches and smart technology, so that it all worked seamlessly. We wanted to deliver the benefit of the buying power of 250 homes, rather than an individual home. While this may sound easy, we discovered that – much to our dismay – it’s not in practice!

For 18 months we have struggled with this goal but remained determined to succeed. Our Providence team did not lose sight of our aim and persisted, ironing out all bugs in the process. So, we have now tasted success! We recently overcame all the hurdles in the way of solving this problem and installed a solution – a new piece of technology – to each of our completed 90 homes. All forthcoming homes will also be fitted with this incredible technology.

While we searched for solutions, our wonderful homeowners have been so patient and we are truly thankful for this. Up to now, we provided temporary fixes to our homeowners, but did not charge for the service. Being part of a community means being community-minded, and everyone has demonstrated this virtue beautifully.

Though difficult, our journey has meant the implementation of our TCS will be more seamless for our next homeowners and our other Resorts that are coming to market this year. These Resorts will also feature some of our other innovations from Piara Waters, such as our:

• upgraded acoustic and insulation package for each home
• solar battery microgrid
• upgraded home landscape package
• increased focus on outdoor entertaining
(with a connection to indoor living spaces)
• quality fixtures & fittings, and
• the one touch Providence App, so that all things important to our Resort homeowners are available with a few taps of the finger.

With an action-packed year for Providence already well underway, I hope you enjoy reading through this issue of our magazine.

Whichever location you’re considering calling ‘home’, I welcome you to ring Blake or Mark. I also encourage you to head out and visit our Resort at Piara Waters, because it will give you a very good understanding of the quality we intend to deliver within our other Resort locations.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 1 March 2024.