I’m often asked why we pre-order 30 homes at a time and sell off-the-plan (like apartment buildings), rather than customising each home for our Resort homeowners, especially given our team has been involved in individualising homes for clients in previous Lifestyle Resorts for the past 20 years.

So, why the new approach? To deliver something special, we needed to take a ‘Resort approach’, rather than an ‘individual home’ approach.

Providence Lifestyle Resorts are designed to be a high quality ‘best in class’ community which includes streetscape appeal, internal fitout, privacy, indoor/outdoor social spaces, facilities, landscaping, and energy efficiency.

Because the senior management team within Providence have the experience of developing more than 2,000 homes for our over 50s target market, we were able to take the best and most popular designs and add internal and external changes we knew would have broad appeal.

Our creative design team continued to perfect the floor plans by adding practical solutions and visual enhancements. Although there’s no such thing as perfection, we’re confident our homes have the ‘wow’ factor and attention to detail our clients love.

We also wanted our over 50’s market to have a wide range of designs to choose from. Many projects limit their home range to 6 or 8 designs. However, Providence offers 15 designs, including 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

Purchasing off-the-plan isn’t for everyone, but we provide lots of information for buyers to ensure their decision is easy and stress-free.

We also have several beautiful display homes which our clients can walk through to really get a feel for our high-end fitout, colour schemes and layouts.

The off-the-plan model ensures we avoid the pitfalls that come with individualising each home. Some of these are:

• In this market, it can take over a year to design, order and build a single home to suit one client.

• It’s difficult to deliver appropriate privacy for each homeowner if you don’t yet know what home will be constructed next door.

• The energy efficiency and cross flow ventilation we want to deliver is difficult to achieve if the orientation of each home is not established many months ahead of where it’s going to be located.

• It is difficult to deliver a harmonised housing colour and landscaping palate when homes are individually customised. This can negatively impact the appeal of a street and home resale values.

• It’s not ideal for homeowners to have vacant blocks around them for an unknown time and then have to deal with construction noise, dust, and safety when the home next door gets built.

• It can be unsettling for homeowners to live in a half-finished street because it doesn’t give the visual and emotional feeling of place, security and peace.

Our solution is to design and develop each stage of homes before selling.

Stages may range in size from groups of 15 to 30 homes. We plan and order well in advance to ensure the Resort is built in the fastest possible timeframe.

Whether the homes are sold in advance or not, we build them. This allows each street to be finished, so homeowners can relax without further construction around them.

Investing more time and money in advance with architects and our creative design team has allowed us to create a superior product not previously seen in WA.

Not withstanding the above, we do have the capacity to make some minor alterations, depending on where in the production line your future home sits.

Feel free to book a private appointment to discuss this further with our friendly sales consultants.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 24 November 2023.